Vision for a New Christian High School

Monroe Christian School is a Christ-Centered Community 

equipping God’s children for service in His kingdom.

It is time for a new “wine skin” (Mark 2:22) for a secondary school education !

Vision of our new paradigm:

Offer high quality Christian, secondary school education that is:

  1. Grounded in student development, discipleship, stewardship & service (D2S2)
  2. Exceeds minimum WA high school graduation requirements
  3. Aligned with knowledge, skills and competencies required for the 21st century

Key vision points:


Guaranteed – students learn the content expected of them

Viable – schedule provides an adequate amount of time to cover the curriculum

Rigorous – standards- and/or outcomes-based

Christian – fosters a Christian worldview

  • on campus “core”: Bible, English Language Arts, Social Studies (including history, financial literacy, geography), Mathematics, Environmental Studies
  • online “core”: sciences, foreign languages
  • electives: option-rich online and community-based selection of electives (personal choice “à la carte”)
  • flex & online lab classes

Key curricular thematic emphases – Living as stewards in/of God’s creation:

  • knowledge of God and His world (Ps 111:2, 10)
  • social justice (Mic 6:8)
  • health literacy (1 Cor6:19-20)
  • economic & financial literacy (Matt6:24; Heb 13:5)
  • environmental & sustainability literacy (Ps 24:1-2)
  • media literacy (Prov18:15)
  • global awareness (Matt 28:19-20; Acts 1:8)


  • project-based learning
  • deliberate content integration
  • group discussions
  • high degree of collaboration
  • hybrid (online & in-class) teaching
  • online lab
  • authentic holistic assessment
  • projects, presentations, portfolios
  • service learning; mission/learning trip
  • connections/applications between in-class experiences and the “real” world through field-trips, guest speakers, internships, off-campus learning
  • Integrated use of Web 2.0 sources and technology
  • 1:1 laptop / tablet

Focus on key fluencies required for the 21st century

  • create
  • collaborate
  • communicate
  • access & interpret information
  • solve problems
  • Biblically-based digital citizenship

Student Learning Experience 

  • “core” classes on campus
  • “learning commons” for projects & collaboration
  • online classes
  • personalized learning plan
  • strong student support system & advising
  • multi-aged, competency-based classes
  • students as learning mentors and mentees
  • graduation requirements aligned with WA State Board of Education requirement

Teaching Faculty: 2-3 core curriculum teachers who possess:

  • profound Christian education commitment
  • deep content knowledge
  • equipped for professional collaboration
  • willing to deliberately integrate content
  • serve as students’ teacher, facilitator, advisor
  • guaranteed planning times
  • Instructional coach and support resource
  • Additional para-professional / parent supervisory support for learning lab

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