PBL for critical thinking, collaboration and communication

PBL Explained is a simple video that highlights how well designed PBL helps develop students’ critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills. These are all essential 21st century skills that we need to foster in our classroom.

Resource for Project Based Learning

The Buck Institute for Education  is an organization focused on improving 21st century teaching and learning through project based learning or PBL. I came across their website today and noted a number of good resources including:

  • teaching videos in PBL
  • planning materials including student handouts, rubrics, and feedback forms
  • resource articles
  • a project database of over 400 different projects in a number of content areas including English, math, arts, health, science, social studies and world languages
  • a complete DIY support website

I think I will follow their PBL blog, too, so as to continue my own education in, and learn more about, implementing PBL in the classroom.