About this blog

God has placed a vision on my heart that focuses on what good teaching and learning in a K-12 context for the 21st century could look like. This blog is an attempt to record my readings, research, resources and reflections as I work to implement this vision with Monroe Christian School. Our goal is to develop and offer a Christian high school (grades 9 – 12) as an extension of the school’s current grade offerings.

The high school plan is being developed upon the research base supporting the 21st century skills movement.* We are also considering best practices for Christian secondary education. It would be a unique high school in that it would be the only Christian high school serving families in south-eastern Snohomish County, WA. It would also be one in a handful of institutions purposefully organized along a hybrid learning format inWashington.

In essence, our goal is to offer a high school experience that not only acknowledges and glorifies God through Christian education, but also demonstrates what good teaching and learning should look like in a grades 9-12 environment. The high school would offer a high quality, Christian, secondary school education that is focused on academic excellence and grounded in discipleship, stewardship and service. It is designed to meet or exceed minimum WA high school graduation requirements and will be aligned with the knowledge, skills and competencies required for the 21st century. Instruction will focus on project-based learning and foster a high degree of student engagement.

I believe that God is moving through this project to help reach more families and students with Christian education. I invite you to follow closely on this education adventure. I hope that this blog may also serve as a testimony to following God’s will for a possible Christian high school in the Monroe community.

Henry F. Algera, Ed.D.


*See for example:

  • Bellanca, J., & Brandt, R. (Eds.). (2010). 21st century skills: Rethinking how students learn.Bloomington,IN: Solution Tree.
  • Prensky, M. (2010). Teaching digital natives: Partnering for real learning.Thousand Oaks,CA: Corwin.
  • Crockett, L., Jukes, I, & Churches, A. (2011). Literacy is not enough: 21st-Century fluencies for the digital age. 21st Century Fluency Project.

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