First Impressions

Here is a bit of background information regarding my interest in a school in Monroe, WA.

We moved out to Monroe in June 2009 and spent some time trying to find a church family with whom we could worship. Once we discovered New Hope Fellowship, we quickly learned that the school across the street was originally founded by members of this congregation. After visiting their website, it appeared that Monroe Christian School (MCS) was clearly grounded in mission of Christian education and offered quality K-8 instruction. Subsequent visits to the campus for church-related functions such as a men’s bible study and a church picnic revealed a warm and welcoming campus for students and visitors, alike. Even though my visits were in the evening or on the weekend, I could sense that this place was full of student energy during the school year. I remember talking about MCS with my wife as a possible option for our own children. We both agreed that we needed to explore more about the school.