It starts by listening to God’s whisper

What do I mean by “God’s whisper”?

Our Grow Group (small group) at church met back in the middle of September to start a new discussion series. We were going to spend a couple of sessions discussing the The Power of a whisper: Hearing God, having the guts to respond by Bill Hybels. By way of this discussion series, our pastor wants to challenge us to consider what life can look like when we choose to hear God’s whispers to help us make decisions or encourage further growth along our spiritual journey. Through this book and discussion series Hybels  “promotes passion in Christ-followers’ hearts for being wide open to hearing from God, and for getting gutsier about doing exactly what he says to do” (back cover).

Later that evening, I shared a “whisper” that I felt I had been receiving about the need for a Christian High School in the Monroe area. Fortunately for me (perhaps providentially?!), this brief discussion was with a fellow Grow Group member who serves as the Principal of Monroe Christian School. Back then, I did wonder if God was calling us to take this discussion further.


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